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Accelerate Your Automotive Cybersecurity Development

Set up your cybersecurity management system in a day, cut development costs by 50%, and manage the entire product lifecycle seamlessly on one platform.

Set up your CSMS in a day

Complete cybersecurity management system ready to use immediately after registration

Cut development cost by 50%

Intuitive, software guided cybersecurity development system, optimizing resources

Manage the entire lifecycle

Seamless solutions for all cybersecurity lifecycle phases from concept to decommissioning

For the full cybersecurity product lifecycle


Audit-tested, fully customizable work product templates

Refined work instructions guiding through each step

Comprehensive checklists to self assess development progress


Streamlined audit management ensuring timely and thorough completion of audits

Structured frameworks facilitating continuous improvement and risk analysis

Intuitive processes for escalation and awareness management


Easy assessment management to plan and assess with full traceability

Comprehensive requirement lists as per industry standards and best practice

Autogenerated, detailed assessment reports 

For everyone


For Directors

Framework and tools to empower your company with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.


For Managers

Effectively manage projects and teams while applying premium, customizable work product documentation.


For Experts

Advanced tools to ensure cybersecurity in projects and
continually monitor products for threats and vulnerabilities.

Used by

Based on



Vehicle and vehicle backend systems



Management System



Vehicle components and software


ISO/SAE 21434

​Engineering System


UNECE R 155, adopted in June 2020 by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), sets a new standard for automotive cybersecurity. It mandates that vehicle manufacturers implement a Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) to protect vehicles from cyber threats throughout their lifecycle.

The regulation requires manufacturers to identify and manage cyber risks continuously, perform regular security assessments, and obtain certification for their CSMS through rigorous audits. This certification must be renewed periodically to ensure ongoing compliance.

UNECE R 155 also mandates active monitoring and response to cybersecurity incidents, ensuring that vulnerabilities are promptly addressed. Applicable to all passenger cars, vans, trucks, buses,  and vehicles for special purposes, such as garbage trucks, camper vans, ambulances, etc, this regulation aims to enhance the overall security of modern vehicles.

UNECE R 155 represents a significant advancement in automotive cybersecurity regulation, prioritizing vehicle security and benefiting consumers and the broader automotive industry.

ISO/SAE 21434

ISO/SAE 21434, introduced in August 2021, is a critical automotive cybersecurity standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). It addresses increasing cybersecurity risks in modern vehicles by integrating cybersecurity throughout the vehicle lifecycle, from design and production to operation and decommissioning.

The standard uses a risk-based approach, requiring organizations to identify, assess, and mitigate cybersecurity threats. It promotes collaboration across the supply chain, recognizing that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility among manufacturers, suppliers, and stakeholders. The standard aligns with other international standards and regulations, ensuring a cohesive approach to managing cybersecurity risks.

By adhering to ISO/SAE 21434, manufacturers can address cybersecurity in a common approach, gaining a competitive edge and building consumer trust. As vehicles become more connected and automated, this standard is essential for ensuring the safety and security of vehicles and users.

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