Automated Documentation

for automotive development

Significantly reduce cost of your development, improve control and ensure consistent quality of your projects by automating documentation.

Why Quma?

Project members in the automotive industry spend about 40% of their time with documentation.

With a fast growing number of regulations and applicaple industry standards, this number keeps growing. Your experts are far too valuable for that! Let them focus on what they really came to do and let Quma do the documentation... in seconds.

Reduce cost

Reduce up to 20% of overall project development cost through savings in documentation effort.


Stay in control of all projects with live progress tracking and a quantifiable, uniform documentation.


Ensure a consistent level of quality across all projects, optimized for your specific requirements.

Organizational Policy

Quma provides a ready-to-use organizational policy. It is state of the art and compiles the best practice implementations of the leading industry standards, containing:

  • An extensive Corporate Policy
  • Work Instructions for every activity
  • Review Templates and review mechanics
  • Full customizability

The highly intuitive user interface eliminates lengthy onboarding and gets your teams ready to work in no time.

 Project Documentation

Quma provides the project documentation framework to supercharge and standardize automotive development projects, saving your development teams valuable time. Main features are:

  • Comprehensive Documentation Framework
  • Intelligent Documentation Bot
  • Automated Progress Report
  • Unlimited Projects

A lot of the documentation can be written fully automatically or with minimal effort by the team members, ensuring compliance and consistent quality.

Industry Standards

   Quma compiles the best practice implementations of the leading industry standards.

ISO/SAE 21434

Secure the future of road vehicles with a comprehensive approach to automotive cybersecurity.

ISO/SAE 21434 is the international standard that addresses the cybersecurity of road vehicles, focusing on their electrical and electronic systems. The standard provides a systematic approach to managing cybersecurity risks throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle.

ISO 26262

Enhance vehicle safety with the leading standard for automotive functional safety.

ISO 26262 is the international standard for road vehicle functional safety, focusing on electrical and electronic systems. Compliance with the standard helps ensure that potential hazards are systematically identified, assessed, and mitigated throughout the vehicle's lifecycle.

IATF 16949

Achieve automotive excellence with the gold standard for quality management in the automotive sector.

IATF 16949 is a globally recognized quality management system standard for the automotive industry. It aims to promote continuous improvement, defect prevention, and waste reduction throughout the automotive supply chain by establishing consistent quality requirements and best practices.


Accelerate your automotive development and elevate process quality with the trusted assessment model.

Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) is a process assessment model for automotive development. It provides a framework for evaluating and improving the development process, ensuring that products and projects meet the highest quality, safety, and reliability standards.

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Quma is an AI powered quality management platform designed for automotive OEMs and suppliers. Quma is developed by Sykori UG, based in Bavaria.